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Silk in Europe!

Silkvei Boutique uses the highest quality silk on the "Silk Road" from Asia to Europe. Asia is the continent where the technology of silk was created and invented before 3000 BC.

Basically the silk comes from silkworms. The larva is the source of the silk. From the glands, silkworms produce the natural protein fiber, that forms the cocoon. The fibers come off the cocoon. It takes 2000 to 3000 cocoons to make a pound of silk. Silk has always been an imported product in Europe, which has been known since the days of the Roman Empire, but has not lost its status as a luxury product.

Silkvei Boutique

Sleeping on silk is the best secret to improve your beauty. The founder of Silkvei Boutique, Inta Ašmane, is a specialist in hair reconstruction procedures and knows how to keep hair in good condition. Treatments are only half of keeping healthy hair. The other, equally important part is hair care AT HOME. We all know that a person spends 2/3 of his life sleeping, so let's enjoy this process and improve our hair to be healthier and our facial skin better. We offer luxurious 25 momme silk and 22 momme with infused hyaluronic acid. Both of these silks provide a relaxing, pleasant touch and the best results for ours hair and facial skin improvement!
Silk has many benefits for beauty, health and well-being. Like, cotton leaves sleep streaks and red marks on the sides of the face while we sleeping, but silk does not...

You have to try it!


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