Silk eye masks with Hyaluronic acid

Silkvei Boutique eye mask provides a double effect against wrinkles, puffiness and reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Double power for eye beauty


    • This sleeping mask contains a large amount of HA, which is very important to keep the skin moisturized in the eye area;
    • Reduces lines and wrinkles (even the deepest ones);
    • Pure mulberry silk is enriched with protein, it contains 18 different types of amino acids, which can retain moisture and soothe the skin. It is light, breathable, comfortable, soft and smooth like baby skin;
    • Helps remove puffiness and reduces dark circles under the eyes;
    • Proven by the Oeko-Tex certificate, which confirms that the fabric is made in a natural way.

Natural silk + hyaluronic acid

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Up to 50 washes!

Hyaluronic acid capsules keeps in silk up to 50 times of washing

Care and Washing


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